Swisscham Shanghai: Termination of Managerial Personnel

Among all the possible events a company operating in China may encounter during its life cycle, parting with its staff is always one of the most challenging ones given that Chinese labour law heavily protects employees. Be it for economic, personal or other reasons, the early termination of a labor contract presents multiple legal and practical issues that need to be taken into account. This seminar organized by SwissCham China provided participants with a valuable tool kit for different termination scenarios (including restructurings and liquidations), specifically focusing on the termination of employment relationships with managerial personnel. Many thanks to Tian Xu and Felix Engelhardt from Eiger for sharing their first-hand experience from numerous cases in this field.

Getting Out: JV Restructuring and Divestments

It’s not only about acquiring companies in China anymore. Under the current challenging economic environment, companies are reviewing their overall China portfolio and long term competitiveness and potential exit and divestment decisions. This seminar shares insights and experience in the fields of strategic rational and key considerations to divestment, valuation consideration; key process management in the China context; auction strategies; internal protocol and manage. Confidentiality; typical issues with multinational divesting their China entities.