Webinar UBS: What role will the Chinese market play in the future

China currently faces a myriad of challenges, such as the COVID-19 outbreak and aftermath, the trade war with the world, geopolitical disputes with its neighbors and numerous domestic issues. Nevertheless, the Chinese market remains one of the most attractive for foreign companies in the world. There is simply no other market that can offer the size and attractiveness China has in terms of population, growing middle class, consumption and overall industrial capacity.

To discuss the opportunities and risks of investing in and selling to the Chinese market, Swisscham has invited UBS to give us their view by addressing the following topics:

  • China’s equity market has quickly recovered from the COVID-19 outbreak, thanks to effective virus containment and substantial monetary and fiscal easing. But are there any key risks investors might overlook?
  • The relationship between China and the US is causing changes to global supply chains. Will China lose its core position as the global manufacturing base?
  • China is the leader of 5G network development. How will 5G benefit different industries? Will the US’s tech export controls impact China’s 5G development plans?
  • China has shifted its focus from traditional to intelligent infrastructure, as highlighted at the recent National People’s Congress meeting. What are the investment opportunities in this shift to investing in and building new infrastructure?

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